Michelin to Supply Bristell with Aircraft Tires

Photo Courtesy of Bristell.

Michelin Aviation recently signed an agreement to supply Original Equipment Michelin tires to BRM Aero Bristell. The latter is a well-known company that manufactures luxury light sport aircraft. Michelin will supply its top-tier tires in a bid to strengthen its innovative offerings.

According to the CEO of Bristell, Martin Bristela, the company is happy to have signed the agreement considering the high quality it has witnessed in Michelin tires. The tire maker has positioned itself as an industry leader in aviation tire manufacturing.

It supplies the world’s leading airlines, including the military. The current partnership with Bristell puts Michelin at the forefront of innovation. This will help push technological progress in aviation tire technology and pave the path for growth.

Bristell is also set to benefit from the partnership. Michelin’s top-notch performing tires could potentially improve the performance of Bristell aircraft. This will propel the company’s reputation and drive customer satisfaction and confidence.

The developments from this agreement will have a significant influence on the light sports, GA, and luxury aircraft markets. This will set new standards of performance, technology, and quality.