Kumho Tire Has A New Logo

Kumho Tire recently revamped its logo to showcase its commitment to innovation. The company has already started using it and you’re likely to come across it in product platforms and marketing materials.

The new logo is a testament to Kumho Tire’s dedication to delivering high-quality and reliable tires. It’s also meant to portray its commitment to growth. The logo features a new font and typeface to showcase the brand’s bold attitude, sense of dynamism, and strength.

The tire manufacturer hopes that the changes made to the logo will improve consumer recognition while preserving the equity it has had over the years. According to the company representatives, consumers today demand value.

The new design represents a forward-thinking approach and an attempt to showcase the company’s beliefs and vision. It features modern elements, a recognizable black color palette, as well as some white and red to create a distinguishable identity.