Yokohama Officially Becomes A Member of GDSO

The Global Data Service Organization (GDSO) for Tyres and Automotive Components is an international NGO that promotes access to information and standardization when it comes to tires. Yokohama joined the organization in January 2024, becoming one of its latest members.

As a result, the tire manufacturer will adhere to standards enhancing tire identification management. The goal of GDSO is to make it easy for manufacturers to access information by coming up with worldwide agreements on data standardization. It has already established a platform that shares information about tires, beginning with identification using RFID and other technologies.

RFID takes advantage of radio waves to embed and read data on tires and other products in other industries. This makes it easy to identify them. As a result, industry stakeholders are able to ensure quality and enhance traceability during production, maintenance, and installation.

Yokohama will aid in building a platform with information on Yokohama tires equipped with RFID. The Global Data Service Organization is currently working to collect data about tires throughout their lifespan.