Nexen Tire Becomes A GDSO Member

Nexen Tire recently announced that its now an official member of the Global Data Service Organization (GDSO). The organization is a non-profit that promotes the standardization of tire data and traceability. Nexen’s membership stamps its position as one of the leading tire makers in the world.

Joining the GDSO showcases its commitment to improving the tire industry by promoting technological innovation. GDSO focuses on four main areas:

  • Creating online solutions for access and transfer of data
  • Standardizing all aspects related to tire data
  • Promoting GDS to stakeholders
  • Representing the organization to external parties

Nexen Tire plans to contribute to the achievement of the above by providing current, reliable, and accurate data. This data will be uploaded to the data management platform through applications. According to Nexen, the goal is to make a positive contribution to the tire industry and actively participate in shaping it.

The tire manufacturer is already using RFID on Nexen tires to facilitate identification.