Hankook Tire Launches Tire Made with Bio-Based Silica

hankook tires

In collaboration with Hyosung Advanced Materials and SK Chemicals, Hankook Tire recently released an EV tire made using recycled PET fiber tire cords. The tire will go under the iON model name and is built to use 45% sustainable materials.

Some of the materials used in its development include bio-based silica, circular PET-based tire cords, and recycled polymers. It’s the first tire of its kind to be commercialized in South Korea.

The circular technology recycles discarded plastics by breaking it down into molecules that are used to make recycled plastic. This was done by SK Chemicals. Hyosung Advanced Materials then made the recycled PET tire cords using the former’s circular recycled PET.

These were then used to make Hankook’s premium tire, iON which has been hailed for its reliability by an automotive manufacturer based in Europe. The tire cords maintain the tire’s shape, enhance durability, ride comfort and performance while allowing it to handle impact and load while driving.

This is very important, especially in electric vehicles due to the weight of the batteries. The achievement depicts a successful collaboration between a tire manufacturer, material company, and chemical supplier.

The vehicle industry needs sustainable bio-based and recycled materials that will help achieve sustainability. This joint development is one of many current efforts in the sector.