Group Loses Bid for Cooper Tires Land

cooper tires

The Melksham Green Space group has lost its bid for the 28.5 acres of land it had bid for. The property belonging to Cooper Tires was placed on auction earlier this year by agents working on behalf of Goodyear Tires.

The group had hoped to create a site for wildlife, a green space for locals, and use it to improve biodiversity. In a recent development, they learned that the land had been sold to a mystery buyer.

Speaking on behalf of Melksham Green Space, one of the group members, Cllr Jennie Westbrook, said that they are saddened and disappointed as they thought they had placed a good bid for it. They are currently working on a higher offer that they intend to present to the agent. They are also trying to get in touch with the buyer.

The land in question borders the River Avon floodplain and is normally used to grow maize. The team had hoped to use it for conservation. They are currently uncertain as they do not know who bought it and what they intend to do with it.

They believe that the land is best used for conservation as it has flooded thrice this year. They hope to identify the buyer who may have purchased the whole property to see if they will be willing to sell the piece of land in question to the group.