Nexen Tire Scoops Top Award at 2024 Red Dot Design

The Red Dot Design is one of the top 3 design awards widely recognized alongside the German iF Design Awards and the American IDEA Design Awards. It is hosted by the Design Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen of Germany.

In the recently concluded event, NEXEN Tire was awarded the main prize for its N’FERA SPORT S tire. It’s a premium option designed to deliver high performance, great handling and braking performance, and to handle high-speed driving.

It features thick vertical grooves that optimize performance on both dry and wet surfaces. This is while maximizing grip on dry surfaces and preventing aquaplaning on wet ground. A wider center block improves high-speed steering while the stiff shoulder provides for agile handling.

Nexen Tire included a direction groove chamfer to reduce abnormal wear and improve performance on wet roads. The additional multi-treads also enhance braking performance and high-speed durability.

The N’FERA SPORT S has already undergone rigorous testing at Nürburgring that validated its driving performance. The “HN Replacement” mark on the sidewall shows that it’s the only Korean tire certified to replace the Hyundai N Brand.

The company said that they were pleased to have been awarded the top award at the design awards and will continue to work to increase their brand value through great designs.