NEXEN TIRE Celebrates Manchester City’s Historic 2023/24 Premier League Victory

NEXEN TIRE, a prominent global tire manufacturer, extends its congratulations to its long-term partner Manchester City Football Club for their outstanding achievement as the 2023/24 Premier League Champions.

Having been a proud partner of Manchester City since 2015, NEXEN TIRE celebrates the club’s historic triumph, as they become the first team in English football history to secure four consecutive Premier League titles.

Looking ahead to the 2024/25 season, NEXEN TIRE plans to continue its collaboration with Manchester City through various marketing initiatives that will engage fans and consumers globally. These efforts aim to strengthen the bond between the brand and soccer enthusiasts worldwide.

The South Korean tire manufacturer will work closely with distributors in key markets to celebrate Manchester City’s victory. The company plans to boost brand awareness through diverse sales promotions and digital advertising campaigns, ensuring a strong presence at all Manchester City matches.