Europe Implements Eco-Friendly Tire Regulations with RFID Technology Integration

Europe is now enforcing the Eco-design for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) to enhance product circularity, requiring each item to have a digital product passport (DPP) for lifecycle tracking.

This regulation will impact tires, necessitating the inclusion of RFID technology, which is crucial for obtaining a DPP.

The RFID tags, besides ensuring compliance with new European standards, will enhance logistics across the tire and automotive industries and improve overall mobility.

Under this new agreement, Murata will produce fourth-generation RFID tire tags and integrate patented RFID technology into Michelin tires. This innovation will be available to tire manufacturers globally, with mass production slated to begin after January 2025.

To support the widespread adoption of RFID technology in the tire industry, Murata will continue to provide manufacturers with products based on its RFID software, id-Bridge.