Revolutionizing Agricultural Tire Production: Michelin’s COSMOS Initiative at Troyes

For several months, the Troyes factory has been buzzing with excitement as it installs a new, more efficient, and ergonomic agricultural tire production machine called COSMOS. Unique within the Michelin Group, COSMOS utilizes cutting-edge technology tailored to the demands of agricultural tire manufacturing, including considerations for size, weight, and materials.

Since the inception of the project, multi-disciplinary teams have collaborated with production operators to develop a solution perfectly suited for daily use.

Part of the “2021-2026” Roadmap

In 2021, the Troyes site outlined its roadmap for 2021-2026, aiming to boost performance and solidify its role in Michelin’s European strategy. The priorities include producing future tire ranges at competitive prices, especially for high-power tractors, and enhancing workplace quality of life. COSMOS is a key component in achieving these goals.

A Boost for Troyes and Michelin’s Vision

COSMOS aligns with Michelin’s All Sustainable vision, focusing on environmental, economic, and human advancements.

Environmental Benefits: The new technology reduces solvent use by 20%, significantly improving the site’s environmental footprint.

Economic Benefits: The machine enhances customer service flexibility by enabling the production of new Michelin tire sizes, allowing Troyes to offer more technologically advanced and high-value products.

Human Benefits: Designed with worker ergonomics in mind, COSMOS makes handling agricultural tires, which can be up to two meters tall, much easier and safer.

To complement COSMOS, a vibrant 80 m² mural created by an artist with input from the workers adorns the area, fostering a more pleasant and engaging work environment.

Additional Modernization Efforts

In 2022, the Troyes factory also introduced robots to eliminate strenuous, low-value tasks and is currently working on implementing automated carts.

The Troyes site is a major player in Michelin’s global agricultural tire production, handling 40% of the group’s capacity. With 750 employees, it exports 85% of its output, primarily to Europe and North America. Its clients include major manufacturers like CNH Group, AGCO Group, John Deere, and CLAAS.