BMW and Pirelli Unveil Advanced 20-Inch Winter Tires for Enhanced Range in EVs

BMW Group and Pirelli have introduced 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 tires for the BMW 7 Series, emphasizing enhanced range due to their “A class” European rolling resistance rating. This collaboration sets a new standard for all-electric vehicle tires, delivering a superior driving experience with extended range, comfort, and performance in winter conditions.
BMW tires are specifically developed to meet BMW’s stringent quality and technology standards, earning the BMW Star-Mark as a seal of approval. This aligns with Pirelli’s Perfect Fit strategy, which focuses on creating custom tires for each vehicle.
Winter tires typically reduce a vehicle’s range due to their higher rolling resistance, necessary for better grip on snow and wet surfaces. Rolling resistance affects the energy needed for a tire to roll, directly impacting the vehicle’s range.
The new 20-inch Pirelli tires mitigate these issues, extending the range of the all-electric BMW i7 by up to 50 km compared to standard winter tires. Key technological advancements include improvements in tread pattern and compound.
Dr. Mihiar Ayoubi, Senior VP Development Driving Pleasure at BMW Group, stated, “This collaboration marks a milestone in tire technology, enhancing range capabilities for winter tires.
We are proud to partner with Pirelli to deliver an exceptional driving experience, combining top performance on snow and wet roads with significant benefits for our all-electric vehicles in winter.”
This innovation aligns with BMW and Pirelli’s sustainability goals, incorporating renewable materials and reducing the CO2 footprint of their manufacturing plants. The tire will be available for the BMW 7 Series from August 2024, with plans to extend this technology to other models, starting with the new BMW X3 in late 2024.