Michelin Unveils All-Season Agilis HD Grip D Tire for Commercial and Medium-Duty Vehicles

Michelin has introduced the Agilis HD Grip D, the latest addition to its Agilis tire series. Designed to offer dependable traction and handling in various weather conditions, including rain and snow, this tire ensures drivers have confidence on the road all year round.
This new tire will replace the Michelin XDS2, catering to commercial and medium-duty vehicles.
The Agilis HD Grip D is an all-season, traction-focused drive tire that meets the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake standards, demonstrating its capability in severe snow conditions.
Pierluigi Cumo, the vice president of B2B marketing for Michelin North America, commented, “The Michelin Agilis HD Grip D tire is ideal for Class 3-6 work trucks. Additionally, this tire provides up to 35% better snow traction performance compared to leading competitors.”
Engineered to handle the torque of drive positions, the Michelin tires offers excellent traction throughout all seasons. It is versatile enough to be used in some regional and on/off-road applications, especially on 4X4 vehicles, where it can be employed in all positions.
The Agilis HD Grip D is also designed to be retreadable, with options available from Michelin Retread Technologies to fit 19.5-inch casings, including popular drive tire retreads like MD XDN2, XDS2+, XDE M/S, and XDHT.
Cumo added, “This tire is built to endure the demands of the road with a durable, retreadable casing and can be used in certain on/off-road applications.”
The Agilis HD Grip D tire is scheduled for release on June 1 in the USA and Mexico, and on July 1 in Canada.