Introducing the SMART City AU56: Hankook’s High-Performance Tire for Electric Buses

hankook tires
Tires for electric buses face high demands in everyday use. They must have low rolling resistance for maximum range, safely transmit high torque without excessive wear, and support the bus’s heavier weight due to the battery. In urban traffic, they also need to be quiet for passenger comfort.
Hankook has addressed these needs in developing the SMART City AU56, using advanced technologies like AI-assisted design, digital twins, and 3D-printed tread patterns. The e-SMART City AU56 has reinforced sidewalls to withstand shocks and damage, with a three-stage indicator showing sidewall wear.
The tire features S-shaped sipes and 3D zigzag lines within the tread blocks for durability and grip. As the tread depth decreases, hidden grooves and sipes maintain safety and traction. Small, stepped blocks ensure even wear and prevent stone trapping.
“We’re proud to present our first tire for all-electric city buses,” says Guy Heywood, Vice President Marketing Strategy Truck and Bus at Hankook Tire Europe. “The e-SMART City AU56 improves public transport efficiency and supports the transition to electromobility with its low wear rate and innovative design.”
The tire will be available in size 275/70 R 22.5, suitable for all axle positions, and features the M+S marking and snowflake symbol, indicating winter suitability. A new pictogram of an electric bus on the sidewall identifies it as an E-Bus tire.