Michelin and Pirelli The Most Preferred OE Tire Companies

Michelin and Pirelli recently ranked top in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction data analysis. The 2023 survey results showed that the two tire manufacturers are still the most preferred by customers.

J.D. Power put different metrics to test, including tire wear, ride, handling, traction, and appearance. The 2023 US Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Survey also tested different vehicle categories which include SUV, luxury, truck, passenger car, and performance sport.

Overall, customers were more satisfied with original equipment tires than before, garnering 799 points out of 1,000. Satisfaction with electric car tires also increased this year by 62 points. This can be attributed to the industry’s increased emphasis on EV performance.

More tire manufacturers are working towards reducing road noise and vibration for EV tires. The two metrics play an important role in both customer satisfaction and vehicle performance.

Michelin gained the highest score in the luxury car category with 833 points out of 1,000. The company has held the first position for 20 years straight. It also ranked first in the SUV and truck categories with 809 points. The other companies that ranked second and third include Bridgestone with 801 points and Continental Tires with 798 points.

Pirelli took the top spot in the passenger car category. It had a score of 828 points. Michelin came second with 827 and BFGoodrich third with 825. Pirelli tires are available as original equipment in brands like Porsche, Bentley, Lucid Air, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Formula One.