Saving the Cooper Tires Green Space

cooper tires

Cooper Tires is selling its Melksham plant after operating for decades. The sale is scheduled to begin in January and the property will be put on auction until the end of February 2024.

Just recently, a new community group called the Melksham Green Space was formed to help preserve some of the land being sold by Cooper Tires.

The land in question is the green space by the river. According to Councillor Jennie Westbrook, it’s a section that many children played on and the community would like to preserve it.

They fear that the 40 acres that are currently undeveloped could be redeveloped. The idea for the community group was started by Ian Cardy who says it all started with 3 people who met in a pub.

The aim is to preserve biodiversity which the team feels is at an all-time low in Britain. They also feel that it will be a nice legacy for the people of Melksham town after Cooper’s run for more than 130 years.

They all agree, however, that the factory side is a brownfield site. They hope it will be turned into something good for the community. The group set up an online survey to take responses and feedback from people. The survey ran until 3 December.