Cooper Tire’s Melksham Land Goes up for Auction

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Cooper Tire & Rubber Company closed its Melksham plant in December 2023 with plans to sell the land in January 2024. The closure resulted in about 300 job losses.

The land has finally been put on auction. The first bids were handed at midday on Friday last week. The owners of the property plan to close the sale by the end of February 2024.

The plant has been in operation since the 1890s. It’s being sold because the site is now too small and old to compete in the global tire manufacturing market. The land is about 68 acres (27 hectares in total).

About 34 acres are covered by greenery that can be found along the River Avon. A group was recently formed to help preserve the space. So far, it has collected about 1,000 signatures. The community is also looking towards a group purchase to help preserve the green space.

According to Councillor Jennie Westbrook, losing the piece of land would be devastating to the members of the community. People have used the recreational space to improve their lives and mental health. They hope that whoever buys it will consider preserving it for community use.