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Hankook’s ISCC PLUS Certified iON evo Tire Debuts on Porsche Taycan

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Hankook Tire has unveiled its first ISCC PLUS-certified summer tire for electric vehicles, named the iON evo, now featured as original equipment for the updated Porsche Taycan. This tire has evolved from the Hankook iON Race tire, which has been used exclusively in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship since 2023. The iON evo […]

Cooper Unveils Durable, All-Terrain Tire for Heavy-Duty Trucks

cooper tires

Large, go-anywhere truck-based campers and overland builds are currently experiencing a surge in popularity, alongside the general rise in large truck usage. This trend has naturally led to an expansion in tire options for heavy-duty pickups such as the Ram 2500/3500, Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500HD, Ford F-250/350 Super Duty, Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, and the Ram ProMaster […]

Mickey Thompson Expands Baja Boss M/T Line

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels has introduced new 42-inch and 44-inch options to their Baja Boss M/T tire series, tailored for 20-inch wheels. The new sizes, 42X13.50R20LT and 44X13.50R20LT, are compatible with rim widths ranging from nine to 11.5 inches, allowing for a variety of wheel choices and accommodating larger brake setups. According to Ben […]

Continental Unveils AERO 111: The Ultimate Aerodynamic Tire for Cyclists

Continental Tire has teamed up with cycling industry leaders DT Swiss and Swiss Side to create an innovative wheel-tire system (WTS) targeted at both avid cyclists and professionals. This collaboration has led to the development of the AERO 111, a tire specifically designed for front wheels, aiming to establish new benchmarks in aerodynamic performance. The […]

Continental Tire Plant in Hefei Achieves ISCC PLUS Sustainability Certification

The Continental tire plant in Hefei, China, has earned the prestigious ISCC PLUS sustainability certification. This globally recognized certification attests to the plant’s adherence to stringent sustainability standards and confirms the traceability of the raw materials used in its production processes. Jorge Almeida, Head of Sustainability Tires at Continental, stated that the company is committed […]

Introducing the SMART City AU56: Hankook’s High-Performance Tire for Electric Buses

hankook tires

Tires for electric buses face high demands in everyday use. They must have low rolling resistance for maximum range, safely transmit high torque without excessive wear, and support the bus’s heavier weight due to the battery. In urban traffic, they also need to be quiet for passenger comfort. Hankook has addressed these needs in developing […]

Michelin Unveils All-Season Agilis HD Grip D Tire for Commercial and Medium-Duty Vehicles

Michelin has introduced the Agilis HD Grip D, the latest addition to its Agilis tire series. Designed to offer dependable traction and handling in various weather conditions, including rain and snow, this tire ensures drivers have confidence on the road all year round. This new tire will replace the Michelin XDS2, catering to commercial and […]

BMW and Pirelli Unveil Advanced 20-Inch Winter Tires for Enhanced Range in EVs

BMW Group and Pirelli have introduced 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 tires for the BMW 7 Series, emphasizing enhanced range due to their “A class” European rolling resistance rating. This collaboration sets a new standard for all-electric vehicle tires, delivering a superior driving experience with extended range, comfort, and performance in winter conditions. BMW tires […]

Revolutionizing Agricultural Tire Production: Michelin’s COSMOS Initiative at Troyes

For several months, the Troyes factory has been buzzing with excitement as it installs a new, more efficient, and ergonomic agricultural tire production machine called COSMOS. Unique within the Michelin Group, COSMOS utilizes cutting-edge technology tailored to the demands of agricultural tire manufacturing, including considerations for size, weight, and materials. Since the inception of the […]

Honda’s Innovative Noise-Cancelling Technology for Quieter Car Rides

Electric vehicles have highlighted that car tires are a significant source of unwanted cabin noise. Honda has devised a clever solution – hidden resonators that function similarly to noise-canceling headphones to eliminate tire noise. Tires, made of rubber and filled with air, generate sound at specific frequencies when they make contact with the road, akin […]