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How Bridgestone and Michelin Are Accelerating the Development of Green Tires

The environment’s future has never been more critical than it is currently. Industries of all types are searching for cleaner manufacturing and industrial options that have a lower environmental impact. Tires are among the most widely used goods globally and have been a major source of air and microplastic pollution for many years. Their production […]

Upcoming Porsche 911 GT3 To Ride on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires

The Porsche 911 GT3 (992) is currently in its seventh generation. Following its upcoming release, Porsche has decided to fit a new set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires as standard. These will come as original equipment alongside Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tires that will be available as an option for those looking […]

Michelin Starts Construction of its World’s First Tire Recycling Plant

Top Tire Manufacturers Release Sustainability Roadmap

In a recent announcement, Michelin said that it will begin the construction of its first tire recycling plant this year. This will be done in collaboration with the Swedish company Enviro. Enviro has a patented technology that can be used to recover gas, steel, oil, and carbon black from tires that have reached their end […]

Tire Maintenance Tip That Brings Certainty

Proper tire inflation is one of the most important tire maintenance tips that will bring you stability. It’s one of the most talked-about tire issues all over the world. This is because it’s a universal constant that is worth attention and time. According to Jason Miller, National Fleet Channel Sales Manager at Cooper Tire and […]

Most Ignored Truck Tire Maintenance Practice

When asked which is the most overlooked truck tire maintenance practice, the top pros in the industry think it’s actually ignoring the tire during maintenance. According to the product manager for truck and bus radial (TBR), U.S. and Canada at Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations Matt Schnedler, the most commonly overlooked practice is not doing a […]

Focusing on Lasting Tread Life

In addition to aesthetics, vehicle fitment, and price; long-lasting tread life and functionality are two of the most important factors that influence a customer’s decision during a tire purchase. In fact, these are the factors that dealers should emphasize so as to achieve customer satisfaction and promote safety. The main question becomes, “How many miles […]

Unsung Heroes Awarded Free Tires By Michelin

Michelin North America Inc. plans to award 25 people located where there were significant company operations. The states include South Carolina, Indiana, and Alabama. These people are recognized as having gone above and beyond to be there for their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. All of them work as essential workers and have been keeping […]

Michelin’s Eco-responsible e.PRIMARY Tire Made to Last

The idea of a low rolling resistance green tire began in 1992. The goal was to just drive awareness in the industry. Today, the simple act has grown to be one of Michelin’s core convictions. The company’s All Sustainable Vision is founded on an equally balanced growth that is aimed at driving positive contribution to […]

SSC Tuatara Becomes the Fastest Car while Riding on Michelin Tires

Achieving the highest top speed on a supercar is normally a thrilling endeavor that many automakers seek to accomplish. This is despite it being pointless. Most drivers will never get the chance to drive that fast on public roads. The SSC Tuatara recently set a new record and averaged about 316.11 miles per hour (508.73 […]

Michelin to Make Puncture-Free Tires in Partnership with GM

Conventional tires work on a basic principle. They run on air. The advancement of the construction technology of tires has improved the nature of materials used. But, the down-sides still remain. Pneumatic tires still experience blowouts, flats, uneven wear, and unwanted punctures. On top of that, there’s the need for drivers to constantly check the […]