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Michelin To Role Out RFID Tags for All Vehicles Starting 2024

Michelin has developed new RFID modules that will be embedded into tires in partnership with Murata Manufacturing. The tags are robust and require no external power supply. They’ll operate passively even for extremely high mileages. The development provides easy and low-cost traceability for the tire throughout its lifespan. This will boost inventory logistics, recycling operations, […]

Michelin Aims for 100% Sustainable Tires

At its first Media Day, Michelin highlighted some of the challenges associated with attaining 100% sustainable tires. The event took place this month at the company’s global Research and Development center in Clermont-Ferrand in France. To tackle some of the challenges, the group is working to improve its innovatory ability and its capacity to come […]

Michelin Releases New Sizes for the X Tweel Turf Airless Radial Tire

Michelin North America recently added new Turf products to its line of commercial zero-turn radius (ZTR) tires. This will help expand the Tweel airless product lineup. Starting today, operators of John Deere ZTrak 900 Series ZTR mowers with 48-inch mower decks can get the Michelin X Tweel Turf airless tire as an aftermarket fitment or as […]

Michelin’s New Airless Passenger Tire Gets Shown Off in Public For The First Time

Man may have finally reinvented the wheel. This is, of course, if we consider the new Uptis Michelin tire a reinvention. It is a concept that has been around for a very long time within the industry. Forklifts and other industrial machinery have used airless tires to make work easier for years. This is the […]

Michelin Releases 15 New CrossClimate2 Tire Sizes


Michelin launched the CrossClimate2 brand of tires in 2020. The company provided a combination of safety and performance attributes to meet the needs of passenger and crossover owners in North America. The lineup was initially available in 25 sizes. Earlier this year, the number increased to 30. The third phase was recently launched and the […]

Michelin X InCity Grip D Tire Ideal for Winter Bus Routes

Michelin X InCity Grip D

Michelin North America Inc. has released the new X InCity Grip D tire that is designed for use in harsh winter weather conditions. It is specifically made for bus fleets that operate in Canada, Northeast, Northwest, and upper-Midwest. According to the tiremaker, this new premium drive tire provides protection for fleets in urban environments so […]

Michelin Introduces Tire That’s Almost 50 Percent Sustainable

At the Movin’On Event 2021 (a global sustainable mobility summit held every year), Michelin underscored its commitment to sustainability by unveiling a new racing tire made up of 46% sustainable materials. It’s a significant first step toward the company’s aim of employing 100 percent sustainable materials in all of its tires by 2050, not just […]

Michelin Releases Two New Trailer Retread Tires

Michelin will release two new trailer retread tires in July: the X Multi T-SA and the X One Line Energy T2. Michelin North America made the announcement on June 3rd. According to the company, the pre-mold retreads would reduce linehaul operation expenses and will be available starting July 1. “Fleet managers are under pressure to […]

Top Tire Manufacturers Release Sustainability Roadmap

Top Tire Manufacturers Release Sustainability Roadmap

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) recently released a roadmap that caters to the members of the Tire Industry Project. The initiative is aimed at accelerating the value-chain impact the industry has on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These were adopted in 2015 by all the United Nations Member States to address the […]

Michelin Releases New Agricultural Tires

Michelin has just launched a new set of tires built for the agricultural sector. The new range is dubbed Agribib Row Crop IF (Imported Flexion) tires and will be manufactured at Michelin’s Troyes plant that is based in France. The tires are designed to fit on self-propelled and trailered sprayers and low- to medium-horsepower row-crop […]